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Don’t start tweeting blindly! We recommend doing some through research about your consumers on Twitter before you start using the platform. We promise, it will save you from stunted growth and/or a social disconnect between you and your target audience.

So, how do you get started?

First, follow your market

On Twitter, there are various market environments. Each environment encourages different discussions. The fastest way to stay on par with trends and discover your potential consumers is to follow the topics and industries that apply to you.

To follow your relevant topics, take the steps below:

On mobile…
i. Click on your profile icon from the home tab to see the menu list.

ii. Click on ‘Topics’ to open the page in the above image.

iii. Explore the suggestions for topics, industries, and big names that affect and are related to your business.

On PC…
i. Click on the ‘More’ option at the bottom left of your screen.

ii. Tap on ‘Topics’ and explore the suggestions to follow the topics and industries related to your business.

Second, monitor your audience

Now that you’re following topics related to your business, tweets from these accounts will pop up on your home feed, like in the screenshot below.

Always look out for them to know what’s important to your consumers at any moment.

To get more specific insights, you can use the search tool to explore your keywords and hashtags. So let’s suppose you want to know what people are saying about face masks. Here’s an example of what you’d see when you search for Face Masks on twitter.

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Third, One-on-one communication

As your account grows, you can deploy various kinds of one-on-one research to understand your consumers’ feelings about certain topics (your brand, for example).

Here are some ideas to get you started:


i. Ask your questions under trending tweets in your market.

ii. Create a poll.

iii. Tweet your question. You could promote this tweet to get more engagement.

iv. Create a survey or contest that requires participants to use their emails.

You can attach a product-related prize to the contest or survey to encourage more people to participate and refer others to do the same.

Following these initial steps should get you started on the right foot. For more tips on how to improve your relationship with your customers on twitter, check out our other blogs.

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    Frequently asked questions

    • Twitter requires business owners and professionals to have a regular account first, before this can be turned into a Business/Professional account. So, to get started, follow the steps we’ve outlined here.

    • Twitter is the platform where your consumers join the latest conversations in their favourite industries and about their favourite topics. We’ve put together a short list here of ways you can avoid that happening.

    • With 1 in 3 online users using social media to discover new products or learn about existing ones, social media is a vehicle for brand and product awareness that’s now more of a necessity than a choice. Read more here.

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