User-generated content | What is it, and why is it important?

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User-generated content (UGC) or user-created content are texts, videos, and images customers of a brand create and publish online for their network of followers. These pieces of content are sometimes done without the brand’s knowledge and focus on various topics.

Why is UGC important to my business?

1. It serves as proof

If you say your freight company offers the best delivery, your competitors say the same. So, how can your potential consumer know which company is the best to work with?

In the past, they would rely on their friends and contacts (the old word-of-mouth approach) for this. But now, they rely on user-generated content.

Stats show that 79% of consumers base their purchase decision on the information they gather from UGC.


2. It influences brand perception and loyalty

56% of consumers say they remain loyal to brands that “get them.” In other words, brands that come across as being more “human,” and that reflect an understanding of their concerns, fears, challenges, and strengths.

Mixing up your social media posts and general marketing efforts with user-generated content is a good way to demonstrate a more “human” side to your brand, and a better understanding of your consumers. As a result, your brand can experience a 28% rise in engagement.


3. It boosts brand awareness

When your customers share their user-created content on social media, their circle of followers gets to see it. And since 77% of online consumers use social media to discover new products, the number of people interested in your product is likely to increase.

How do I use UGC to grow my business?

There are a couple of ways to grow your business using user-generated content. Below are a few key ideas.


i. Mix up your post: Share relatable user-generated content on your social media profile and engage with your audience. These could be pictures, short videos, memes, or text screenshots. Just make sure to credit the source!


ii. Boost your ad performance: Include user-generated content at various stages of your ad where people would naturally have a resistance to buying into your brand.

iii. Your product and service pages: 70% of consumers go through user-generated reviews before making a purchase decision. You should encourage your customers to drop a review on your relevant pages after receiving value for their purchase.

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How do I encourage customers to share user-generated content?

Ask them. It’s that simple!

Your customers want to engage with your brand. About 50% say they wish the brands they follow would tell them what content to create and share on social media.

So, when you create a post asking your followers to share their experience with your product or how they rocked your new shoe line, you can expect many of them to engage.

Be aware though that this can impact your brand positively if you’ve maintained an overall good customer experience and negatively if you haven’t.

Here’s an example from motivationfrom.quotes

If you happened to run a tattoo parlour, you could follow this engaging post with a prompt for customers asking them to tell their own transformation stories in the comment section below. This would help you and them generate customer stories.

Alternatively, you can use hashtags to generate user-created content in pictures/videos. So your post might read something like this: “Upload a photo of your transformation story with the hashtag #MyTattooStory to inspire others.”

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