What is social media management? | An Introduction

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Social media management covers the entire process of running a successful business account across various social media platforms.

This includes

i. The planning, developing and uploading of content.

ii. Engaging and monitoring audience conversations with your brand.

iii. Managing influencers’ roles.

iv. Analysing content performance and audience behaviour.

v. Developing content and advertising strategies based on data from your analyses.

As you might have guessed, the entire process can be demanding. This is why some brands rely on social media management tools and social media managers to make the job a whole lot easier.

What is a social media manager?

This professional takes up the responsibilities mentioned above and works with you to achieve your primary goals for each account. They can partner with you in various roles: as a consultant, a freelancer or an employee.

As your business grows, the demands might become too much for one social media manager to handle. So, you’ll need to hire a couple of these professionals.

Alternatively, some brands go for a social media management agency. These companies have the numbers and the experience to handle the growing demand from your multiple social media channels.

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Why should I take social media management seriously?

1. Platform changes:

How often do you wake up to the same old conversation on a social network? Rarely.

A lot happens around the clock on a social platform, from algorithm changes and audience behavioural changes to the emergence of new features and trends. Keeping track of all these and responding appropriately and timeously is the only way to remain relevant and achieve your goals on a chosen platform.


2. Industry trends:

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram didn’t always exist. And videos weren’t always the most preferred content on these platforms. All these trends had their inception date. Losing track of what is going on in the industry is one way to lose relevance quickly. So, you should be actively looking out for the next big thing in the social world that could put your business at the top.


3. Engagement flow

Connecting with your audience is a necessary part of your efforts to grow your market influence and your revenue. But you can’t achieve any of that if you neglect your consumers’ messages and comments or don’t take time to study their interests. What’s worse, it’s too easy for this to become your brand reality as you grow.


4. Improve and maintain brand image

Proper social media management eliminates most of the mistakes that can make your audience lose interest in your business. Mistakes like slow response time, inappropriate tone, poor engagement quality, bad reviews, and more.

All these can become overwhelming as your brand grows. This is why you should consider these key areas of your social media presence when hiring a social media manager or agency.

So now you know what social media management involves (in a nutshell) and what it means for the success of your brand online. If you’re looking for your ideal social media management partner, check out our services. At Adshare, we can help you strengthen your brand identity and build long-term relationships with your audience online.

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    • Sure, here are some practical ways to drive your brand awareness on social media to the top. Remember, there are over 4.6 billion people on social media. That’s more than half of the world’s population! So imagine the potential you can unlock for your business.

    • With 1 in 3 online users using social media to discover new products or learn about existing ones. It is a vehicle for brand and product awareness that’s now more of a necessity than a choice. Here’s how to get started.

    • Using social media well can directly and positively impact your SEO performance. Implementing the suggestions we noted here is definitely a step in the right direction.

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