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Getting your audience’s attention and maintaining it on a platform like Facebook is no easy feat. It takes planning and proper execution. The average Facebook user has 1,500 stories battling to be seen on their Newsfeed. And this can go up to 15,000 if it’s a popular user!

Here are some basic things you can do to help you stand out from the rest.

Add videos to your post formats

Video posts see the highest engagement on Facebook, at 6.04%. This is followed by photos (4.36%) and status updates (1.66%). Posting videos with high value and quality ensures that more people watch the entire content, like it, and share. This, in turn, encourages Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm to push your video up the Newsfeed of other consumers.

Be entertaining

Are you afraid to spice up your posts? Don’t be. Your consumers are humans like you. They’re not always in the mood to purchase an item or service. But they could always be in the mood to hear or see something engaging.

Aim for entertaining, educative or even things related to problem-solving. To help boost your audience’s interest and engagement, 80% of your posts should be like this.

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Know when to post

Posting whenever you like on your Facebook page will lead to poor page performance. Because you’re likely to post when most of your audience is asleep, or at work, or at school, and basically not online.

You can use the Facebook Insights tool to learn when your consumers are often online under the “when your fans are online” section. This will help you plan a result-driven posting schedule.

While you’re at it, try to keep your daily frequency between 1-2 posts to avoid a decline in engagement.

Start a conversation

Getting your users to start talking about different topics is a reliable way of getting more visibility and engagement on Facebook. To do this, you can ask them questions about their interests and opinions on certain things. You can even run a contest or a poll.

Has that been helpful? We hope so. For more tips on how to get your audience base to take notice of your business across various social media platforms, check out blogs.

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