How to use social media to boost your SEO performance

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Social media isn’t a direct search ranking factor for search engines like Google. Just posting a link to your website on social media won’t tell search engines that your website has value and that its searchers need to visit your page.

But people clicking on your website link, sharing it with their social networks (which may lead to more clicks), and engaging with the actual post send the right signals to search engines.

It tells the search engines that people searching for your key term have visited your post and found value in it. This gives a clear indication to search engines that your post could be what their searchers are after.

How do I get webpage visits and engagement from social media?


1. Quality content

If you write a blog about “Best practices to lose weight in 30 days,” people who need this, will click on the link to find out more.

Supposing your content is thorough, well researched, and well put together, they will want to read further (resulting in a lower bounce rate). They might even bookmark the page for themselves (leading to revisits), share the content link, and leave feedback on their experience on your website.

This translates into more clicks on your link on social media and search engines. As a result, it’ll improve your click-through rates, engagement, and ability to secure quality backlinks from authoritative sites (a key ranking signal).


2. Make your post easy to share

As we mentioned above, when you have quality content, visitors to your site may want to share it on their favourite social media channels.

This will help you achieve the following:

  • Brand awareness.


  • More clicks and page engagements (on and off social media).


  • Brand authority growth.


All of the above are good for your brand and SEO ranking. So, how do you make your posts shareable?

  • Include social share buttons on the page.


  • On social media, use your call to action to encourage shares.


3. Update your profile

As people discover your posts, branded images, and ads on social media, they’re likely to search your profile to learn more about you.

There are hundreds of potential consumers who want to buy from you or make you their go-to source for industry-related information and partnership.

You don’t want them to see that the information, branding, and interaction on your profile don’t match what’s on your website or other platforms on the internet. This disconnect could lead to a significant drop in engagement.


4. Become an authority that gets them

The secret to getting more social clicks and shares doesn’t lie in crafting quality content alone. You also need to have an engaged community that trusts you.

As stats suggest, 71% of online consumers will recommend your brand and services to their friends and family if they have a positive experience with you.

So, you need to actively engage them, understand them, and earn their trust. Below are ways to make this happen:

  • Post engaging topics.


  • Actively interact with them (in the comment section & through your inbox).


  • Visit social media groups to provide expert opinions on their issues.


  • Continually post links to value-filled content.


Using social media well can directly and positively impact your SEO performance. Implementing the suggestions above is definitely a step in the right direction.

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