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With all the responsibilities you and your team shoulder, it’s unrealistic and impossible to try to track your site’s SEO performance manually. One, you’ll be walking blindly. Two, you’ll be giving your competitors all the time they need to profit from your mistakes.

SEO tools help you identify your target keywords, see your mistakes, know what’s working for your competitors, and improve your SEO strategy in minutes. Below are some of the bests on the market to meet your diverse needs and budgets.

1. Ahref

Experts prefer Ahref among SEO tools, for being the second largest website crawler after Google bots. That ability allows it to provide in-depth information on backlinks, rank tracking, competitors’ profiles, and your performance.

However, Ahref is pricey and doesn’t have a free trial or free version. So, it might not be best for startups and small businesses on a low budget. Also, being a technical tool, it might take you some time to get used to all its features.

That said, Ahref has a free basic webmaster tool that allows you to crawl your website and see what you can improve.

2. SEMrush

This is another popular SEO tool, loved by experts and beginners alike, for its feature-rich and friendly dashboard. It packs all the features you need for:


  • Conducting a deep website audits.


  • Conducting competitor analyses.


  • Conducting keyword research.


  • Tracking PPC campaigns.


  • and improving ranking.


Also, it has a daily free-use count of up to 5 and a free trial for its paid packages. However, the amount of data you can access under its free-use is limited. Additionally, you need to pay for higher packages to access all the premium tools it packs.

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3. KW Finder

This beginner-friendly tool offers small businesses loads of free and paid sub-tools to discover new keywords, analyse keywords, SERP, and rank tracking. Also, you get access to the free SEO browser extension that allows you to analyse pages on your SERP easily.

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That said, KW Finder isn’t as powerful or feature-rich as the Ahref and SEMrush. It also doesn’t provide the best data insight for competitor research. Additionally, you only get to use its free-use tools 5 times a day. But it’s the most affordable and best suited for startups on a tight budget.

4. Free SEO tools

Although paid SEO tools offer a vast list of SEO sub-tools that make your analyses better and faster, not all startups can afford them. Luckily, there are free SEO tools that you can use. These tools aren’t all-in-one tools and often come with certain limitations. They include:


  • Google search console — Analyse page ranking performance and discover website SEO issues.


  • Google keyword planner — Discover new keywords.


  • Answerthepublic — Discover keyword ideas, searchers’ questions, and content ideas.


  • Keyword Everywhere — Browser extension to analyse pages on SERP.


  • Page speed — Discover the site’s page speed on mobile and desktop.


SEO analysis is a crucial part of your business’s online success. Based on your budget, you can start with the free tools and make your way to the premium options as your business grows.

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