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As a small business owner or startup, you might think that website content creation is a one-time exercise. Once you’ve built the pages and filled them with content, you may think the job is done and move on to other important aspects of your business.

However, that’s not how it works. You should regularly update your website and content because websites that update their old content regularly, can see up to 106% growth in organic traffic.

This is tied to the fact that new information, design trends, and SEO updates come up often, and these new features may make your old content outdated.

Keeping track of these trends and updating your page can boost your performance in the following areas:

Brand perception

When you land on a page dated 2016 talking about “the best SEO strategies for your website.” How does that make you feel? Most of us will immediately doubt the credibility of that information even if the website domain authority is high.


Because a lot must have changed in that time. That’s also how your customers view things. Updating your page content frequently lets them know that your brand is:


  • Active.


  • Serious about its business.


  • Reliable.


  • And always updated.


SEO performance

Search engines like Google are focused on providing updated, accurate information to their searchers. As such, their algorithms favour websites that often update their content with relevant information and multimedia.

For Google, this is thanks to their caffeine update. This indexing update tasks crawlers to search the internet for websites with the latest updates to index them. That way, it can have updated information for a relevant user’s search.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you should update your pages unnecessarily. Having your content indexed isn’t the same as having it rank higher on a SERP.

Google freshness update makes the algorithm rank certain updated pages higher on the SERP. This update focuses on queries that need frequently updated information like the weather, tech topics, reviews, etc.

So, while you should routinely check and update your page content and post new ones frequently, you should also ensure that you’re adding value with every update.

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