Why use Google Ads to Generate Brand Awareness & Reach 

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Brand awareness is crucial for your business because people who know and recognise your business are much more likely to engage with it.

How to Generate Brand Awareness and Reach

With Google Ads, you can set up your advertising campaign to achieve a specific goal. Your goal might be to generate web traffic; or achieve sales; or, as in this case, generate Brand Awareness for your business or organisation.  

Developing this goal as part of your overall Google Ads strategy is one of the most effective ways to engage with thousands of customers worldwide, at any one time. This is most commonly carried out through CPM bidding. CPM, which stands for Cost per thousand impressions, is a way of measuring how many people are seeing your display and video ads. 

The Benefits of developing your goal of achieving Brand Awareness and reach within Google Ads for Businesses and Charities

Still not convinced? Let’s wrap this up by considering the benefits of Google Ads for increasing the brand awareness of your business or charity. While the benefits will vary depending on your business model and choice of marketing strategy, some of the benefits that you might see include the following: 

#1 Google Ads Directly Target Your Customers

Google Ads are tailored based on customers interested in your business. This ensures that your content is marketed to an audience that is already interested. Compared to other marketing solutions, such as television, radio or billboard advertising, this offers far superior results and increases the chance of conversions. Some of the ways you can target customers with Google Ads include: 


  • Keyword targeting


  • Consumer location


  • Customer information, including age, language, etc.


  • Customer Interests


  • Time (for example, only show your advert to consumers at night)


  • Type of device (i.e. viewed on computers, mobiles or tablets)


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#2 You can control your Marketing Costs

Through Google Ads, you can easily control your brand awareness marketing costs. You’re able to set a limit on your marketing efforts, which allows you to keep a close eye on how much you are spending on marketing.  

What’s more, your business or charity only pays when a customer engages with your advert. As such, this can increase the value you achieve from Google Ads marketing and potentially provide a better return on investment (ROI). 

#3 You can Monitor Advert Statistics

It’s not realistic to assume you’ll get this right the first time, but don’t worry – you can keep track of how your advert is performing within Google Ads. This means you can tweak and amend your advertising strategy, as needed, to increase conversions and ROI. Also, the My Client Centre tool on Google Ads, allows businesses to manage multiple ad campaigns simultaneously. 

#4 It’s Simple!

Setting up a Google Ads goal to achieve Brand Awareness and Reach is not difficult and can yield excellent results. We’ve already summarised the two primary advertising mechanisms – display and video adverts – above. Both offer excellent results for your marketing needs and usually take under an hour to set up.

#5 You can achieve Brand Awareness and Reach results quickly

If you’ve been looking for rapid results for your business or charity’s brand awareness, then Google Ads is ideal. Other marketing options, such as search engine optimisation, can deliver longer-term solutions, but can be expensive and time-consuming to fully optimise your website for the relevant search engines and keywords. By contrast, Google Ads marketing delivers immediate exposure to your target market, which could make it a better value-for-money option for your business or organisation. 

Final Thoughts

Developing this goal within Google Ads effectively will take time. But it will be time well spent in the effort to add value to your business and get ahead of the game! You’ll end up with a highly effective way of increasing brand awareness among your target market, and driving greater conversions for your business. 

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