How to Generate Sales Using Discovery Campaigns

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Google Discovery Campaigns help businesses of all sizes visually connect with 86% of online consumers. These are users actively looking for new products, services, brands, and experiences as they browse through any of Google’s digital products. It gives your ad and business access to over 3 billion online users to achieve your marketing objectives.



How does it work?

Google uses its deep machine learning to understand the intent and interests of its massive pool of audiences. Once you create a discovery sales ad, Google distributes your ad across its:

  • YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds,
  • Google Discover feed,
  • And Gmail Social and Promotion tabs.

Its wealth of intent signals allows it to determine the perfect time to show your ads to the ideal audience to encourage the highest returns in sales.


How can my business generate sales from the Discovery Campaign?

First, you have to put much thought and attention into your discovery ad. Unlike heavily text-based Search Ads, Discovery ads should be immersive, tailored, and concise.

Meaning you need to develop an ad copy that visually and literally connects deeply with your ideal audience to encourage higher returns in sales.

In addition to this, you need to select the right bidding strategy to enable Google Drive to maximise returns in sales on your budget.


What is a bidding strategy?

Each time Google has an open ad slot across its feeds, it hosts an auction among advertisers. Your bidding strategy, keywords, and budget are included in your ad in that auction and determine its performance.

In other words, your bidding strategy determines:

  • How Google fulfils the primary goal of your ad,
  • What area of your ad to focus on to drive the most conversions (impressions, calls, clicks on call to action, etc.),
  • Your ad rank in the auction,
  • And how it charges you.


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What is the right bidding strategy for my business?

Under the Discovery Campaign, there are only two bidding strategies to choose from.

  • Target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition/Cost Per Action)
  • And Maximise Conversion.

Target CPA

Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Action allows you to set an amount you pay for each customer that converts. It restricts Google to only bring as much conversion as your CPA permits under your daily budget.

To use this strategy, you need to have previous ad campaign performance data. You also need conversion tracking enabled to avoid wasting your budget for little to no returns in sales.

Maximise Conversion

Unlike target CPA, Maximise Conversion enables Google to drive as much conversion as possible for your ad based on your daily budget.

This allows the ad platform to freely implement necessary adjustments on your ad, drawing from its vast data pool on your ideal audience.

See that you have the conversion tracking metric enabled to allow this bid strategy to secure quality conversion for your ad.

When looking to generate the highest returns in sales on the Google discovery campaign type, Maximise Conversion is the best option.

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    Frequently asked questions

    • Of course, Target Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) can boost your sales on Google Ads by helping you set a desired cost for customer acquisition – learn more here.

    • ‘Maximize Conversion’ automatically adjusts bids based on lead performance, ensuring optimal results for your budget. To utilise ‘Maximize Conversion Value” in your search campaigns for increased sales returns, click here for step-by-step instructions.

    • Target Impression Share is a smart bidding strategy that boosts ad views for brand awareness; learn how to implement it here.

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