How to Use Display Campaigns to Achieve the Goal of Brand Awareness and Reach Within Google Ads

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When it comes to optimizing your Google Ads campaigns to generate brand awareness and reach, there are a few different strategies you can follow. Fortunately, today, we’ll be looking at some of the ways you can use Google Ads to generate superior reach and brand awareness for your small business or charity.

Using Display Campaigns to Achieve Brand Awareness and Reach

Generating brand awareness and reach are both pivotal goals of marketing, and display campaigns can be an effective way to achieve this. However, the specific marketing strategies you should use will vary depending on your situation; to this end, we’ve listed some of the different campaign strategies and when these are effective below.

Target CPA

One of the first things you may want to consider for your marketing efforts is CPA, which stands for “cost per action” marketing. With CPA marketing, you are targeting customers specifically who are looking for products such as your own.

With CPA marketing, you are usually encouraging greater conversions, which could include more purchases or a higher number of newsletter subscribers.

By targeting this metric, you will reduce the cost of each acquisition for your brand, potentially driving greater ROI. This may also allow your small business or charity to increase its budget for marketing. However, in terms of generating brand awareness and reach within Google Ads, targeting CPA is a less crucial goal. Compared to some other metrics, as it relates more to improving returns on investment for your marketing campaign.

Maximize Clicks

One of the best ways to generate greater brand awareness and reach within Google Ads is to focus on increasing the number of clicks that you receive from your marketing campaigns. Each time that someone clicks on an advert and gets redirected to your site, they’ll get the opportunity to learn a little more about your small business or charity.

Even if this doesn’t lead to a conversion, this is an effective way to encourage greater engagement with your Google Ads campaigns. In turn, this can result in a larger number of people knowing about your business or charity.

Even if they only know a small amount of information and bounced from your website as soon as it loaded, every click is valuable for driving brand awareness and word-of-mouth. So, focusing on growing the number of clicks that your small business or charity marketing achieves is a key aspect for increasing brand awareness.

Maximize Conversions

Along with maximizing the number of clicks on your advertising campaigns, maximizing conversions can be a good way to continue getting the word out about your brand. For every new customer or subscriber, your small business or charity will have the opportunity to increase its reach into new social spheres and groups.

However, as with CPA goals, maximizing conversions is one of the lesser solutions for driving brand awareness and reach compared to some of the other options we have listed here. As such, if you are successful with maximizing your conversions, you should ideally use that success to fund further marketing campaigns to drive even greater brand awareness and reach.

Viewable CPM

If your primary goal is driving brand awareness and reach, then viewable CPM is one of the most important marketing factors you should target. Indeed, CPM – or cost per million – is a marketing model that focuses on the number of people the advertisement is displayed to.

CPM marketing is less reliant on the number of people who generate a conversion. Instead, this marketing model works by displaying the advert to as many customers as possible for the lowest price per view, which in turn ensures that your small business or charity is displayed to a massive pool of potential customers or supporters.

However, because CPM marketing is less reliant on driving conversions and more heavily invested in creating reach and scale, it’s worth considering that the return on investment may be lower.

While other marketing goals (for example, driving conversions) could help your business generate a higher income while also increasing exposure, this model works differently. You will likely see less success in terms of ROI. Nevertheless, the exposure that CPM marketing models can offer on the same budget is far greater. Therefore, if your goal is to get the word out incredibly quickly, CPM marketing could be the ideal choice of goal for you.

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Manual CPC

As the final marketing method you should consider, manual CPC strategies allow you to bid on advertisements to create a maximum cost per click. This could be an effective way for your business to increase its reach without breaking the bank in terms of marketing costs while still pushing for good conversions.

As such, if your small business or charity has a modest marketing budget and needs to ensure conversions to continue running the campaign, manual CPC bidding could be ideal for you. However, be aware – your business may miss being displayed on some of the top websites if you are too modest with your CPC marketing budget.


Finding the most suitable marketing strategies for your small business or charity doesn’t need to be impossible. To this end, we hope that the tips we have listed above will give you some new ideas on optimizing your marketing strategies. It’s also worth considering that small businesses and charities often choose a blend of marketing strategies to drive both conversions and reach simultaneously, so feel free to run multiple campaigns concurrently to further increase your exposure.

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