How to Generate Leads For Your Small Business or Charity Using Display Campaign Google Ads

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Looking to expand your small business or charity’s reach and attract more leads? Discover how to effectively utilise Google Display Campaign Ads to build awareness and grow your audience in our comprehensive guide.

In this article, we will show you how to build awareness and generate leads for your brand by planning, managing and optimising display ad campaigns. We’ll discuss how to make your display campaign work most effectively. And then how you can grab your audiences’ attention and grow your campaign reach.

We’ll walk you through the different steps of planning a Display campaign and show you the tools that are available to help you.

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What is a Display Campaign?

Display Campaigns aim to help you promote your business or charity to users. These are people who are doing simple actions like browsing online, watching YouTube videos, checking their Gmail account, or using their mobile devices and apps.

The Google Display Network has a very wide reach. About 90% of internet users worldwide have come under the gamut of Google Display Network through millions of websites, news pages, blogs, and Google sites like Gmail and YouTube.

The Google Display Network helps you reach people with targeted Display ads while they’re browsing their various websites.

The advantage of the display campaign is that you can capture a user’s attention even when they aren’t searching for a specific product or service. This is unlike the Search campaign that reaches people who are already searching for specific products or services.

Instead, the display campaign puts your ads in front of people even before they start searching for what you offer. This can be key for your overall advertising strategy.

Using Google automated targeting tools, your display ads can remind people of what they’re interested in. For instance, you can use re-marketing to advertise to people who previously visited your site or app.

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How Does it Work?

When you’re running a display campaign, the first thing you want to do is to define your goals. Do you want to drive direct response traffic and generate visits to your site? Or you want to promote your brand and have users that actually become donors or customers?

Clearly defined goals will help you to plan better and implement your display campaigns with a sense of focus. Your campaign goal will influence the audience segments you opt to use, your budget and bid, and even the metrics that you choose to track your performance.

You must also go for an efficient budget and bidding strategy. Your budget influences your ads’ ability to serve you all day. Your budget also influences how often your ads will show. Bidding, on the other hand, determines the way your budget is spent and how outstanding your ads are.

The Google Display Campaign is tailored to help you find the right audience with its targeting options. By using the targeting options, you can strategically show your message to potential customers or donors at the right place and the right time.

When you pay attention to your targeting, you can find new and relevant customers who are likely to convert. Here we show you how to use targeting to enhance your display campaign.

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    Frequently asked questions

    • When you pay attention to your targeting, you can find new and relevant customers who are likely to convert. Here are 5 valuable tips that will help you make the most of targeting with your Display Campaign.

    • Yes! Google Display Campaign is an image and text advertising service that enables businesses of all sizes to engage with their new and existing customers. Here is how your company can benefit.

    • When it comes to optimizing your Google Ads campaigns to generate brand awareness and reach, here are a few different strategies you can follow.

    • Maximize Conversion automatically adjusts bids based on lead performance, ensuring optimal results for your budget. To delve deeper into this strategy, click here for more insights.

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