Who Should Use Google AdWords and How?

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Google AdWords is Google’s ad service that enables you to put your products or services at the top and bottom of the search result page (SERP). This gives your listed product, service, and business a higher advantage and visibility.

Is Google AdWords beneficial to my organisation?

Google AdWords is for everyone who has a product, programme, or service to sell; and who needs more awareness, support, and sales. So, whether you’re a small business, non-profit organisation, YouTuber, or product influencer Google AdWords can place you on the map and help you meet your objectives.

How can Google AdWords help my business?

Google Ads service has four primary categories (campaign types) best suited for various marketing objectives. Below, we brek down each and explore how they work.


Search Network campaign – text ads

This category puts your business and services at the front of active seekers across Google’s search engine result pages. As a result, 91% of searchers click on these ads with Click-Through Rates, mainly those that align with their interests.

The click rates can vary across industries as it is influenced by various factors. But with 91% as the average CTR, businesses have a higher chance of success, including those in the non-profit sector.

Display Network – Image ads

Ads on the display network allow you to engage your potential customers visually across 2+ million websites and apps. This type of ad campaign reaches 90% of online consumers with a 46% conversion rate (this is the percentage of viewers who fulfil the purpose of the ad).

Video – Video ads on YouTube

YouTube sees 2 billion active users monthly, with certain ads in the tech industry, finance, and other industries gaining 1+ billion impressions. These are people currently on the search for something. Through Google’s YouTube video ads, organisations of all sizes can appropriately target and capture the attention of their ideal consumers. The catch? You need to adequately plan out your ad opening, storyline, and call to action to see tremendous results.

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Shopping – Product listings on Google

Google shopping ads campaign is best suited for people who have a product to sell. This service makes up 76.4% of the retail ad spend in the US, with 85.3% click-throughs. In the UK, this goes up to 82% and 87.9%, respectively.

As a business with a product to list on Google Shopping, paying adequate attention to the visual engagement of your ad is vital. Stats suggest that organisations that pay proper attention to all sections of their ad campaign, including visuals, tend to see significantly higher average Click-Through Rates.

You have to understand that your target audience is human. As such, they can sense when a firm has thought things through to know what exactly they’re presenting and has put in adequate effort to do this in the most engaging and compelling way.

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    • Creating a custom audience on Google Ads helps you reach the right people more effectively. For a step-by-step guide on how to setup, click here!

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