Driving Growth with Store Visit Conversions for Your Business or Charity

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SMART campaigns offer small businesses and charities a powerful tool for broadening their audience reach. In this post, we’ll delve into the store visit conversions subtype, exploring how it can generate leads and drive foot traffic for your business or charity. Let’s get started!

What is the Store Visit Conversions Subtype?

Store Visit Conversion is a subtype of the SMART campaign type. This subtype helps you measure the full value of your smart campaign ads by accounting for visits to your place of business physically. Locations like hotels, auto dealerships, restaurants, and retail stores have a real need for store visit conversions. You can use the tracking under store visits conversion to help you see how your ads influence store visits.

When a user searches for your product or service online, Google Ads can influence those online research decisions to lead to physical visits to the location of your business or charity. Store visits conversion subtype is geared towards helping you optimize your campaigns for omnichannel performance. It maximizes your total return on ads across online and offline channels.


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Store Visit Conversion increases in-store traffic when you use keywords and devices that will drive the customers to visit your business. Here are some benefits of using store visit conversion:

A. Enhanced Decision-Making Opportunities: With store visit conversion, you will be able to make more informed decisions about your ad creatives, spend, bid strategies, and other elements of your campaigns.

B. Measuring Success Made Simple: It is easy to measure the success of your store visit conversion. Using the ad clicks on all devices – smartphone, desktop, and tablet, Google can estimate store visit conversions by looking at phone location history. So you can find out whether someone who clicked on your ad ended up visiting your store or charity.

C. Leveraging In-Store Conversion Data: In-store conversion data can help you know the most effective ad campaigns, keywords, and devices to employ in your smart campaign. You can know the tools that send the most people to your store so you can optimize your account. However, this does not mean that everyone who visits will buy your product or service or be a donor. But you will know that they were interested enough to visit after clicking on one of your ads.

D. Ensuring Consumer Privacy: The consumers’ privacy is protected. In-store conversion data is built on anonymous and combined data collected from people who have their Location History turned on. A conversion cannot be tied to a particular individual ad click or person.

Google has recorded more than one billion store visits globally. With such a number, store visit conversions have helped a lot of advertisers in the retail, travel, restaurant, automotive, and finance industries.

Now, are you ready to dive into the whos and the hows of Store Visit Conversions? We’ve complied an in-depth article for you here.

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    Frequently asked questions

    • Store Visit Conversions track online ad interactions that lead to physical store visits, benefiting businesses with physical locations. We’ve outlined a list for you here.

    • Google Ads smart campaign is a great tool to build your small business or charity. It’s an automated tool programmed to help you create cutting-edge awareness for your business or charity. Here is how you can benefit.

    • Smart Campaigns help small businesses with lots on their hands generate more sales with a few clicks. This advertising type distributes your ads across the Search and Display Network, YouTube, Gmail, and partner websites. Learn more here.

    • The Drive Conversion Subtype in Google Ads video campaigns, boosts engagement essential for encouraging viewer interaction. You can learn more here.

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