How to use Google Ads to Generate Sales

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Google ads is a google service that helps businesses and organisations of all sizes connect with consumers worldwide. It achieves this by pushing your adverts right in front of your target consumer through its five major networks (also called channels). Google ads offer good value for money for start-ups and charities, small businesses and large organisations alike. If you want to gain new customers, retarget old ones, and generate sales for your business, then Google Ads is the way to go.

How effective is Google Ads for sales generation?

Ads on google reach 90% of online consumers globally (that’s over 3 billion people!), with 75% as the average conversion rate (CVR). This is advertising jargon for when the audience of a marketing message performs the desired action, i.e., when someone buys your product or donates to your charity, is when you get a conversion.

Businesses that optimise their ads to correctly target (based on interest and location) and connect with their ideal consumer see up to 50% of viewers purchasing.

How can google ads help my business generate sales?

When you click on the “sales” goal during your google ad setup, you get a list of unique tools, bidding strategies, and networks/channels to get the most out of your ads in sales performance.

These channels play a crucial role in determining how you engage with your ideal consumers, where your ads appear across the internet, and how you generate sales.

Currently, there are 5 major sales ad channels for you to benefit from. These are:


  • Search Network.


  • Display Network.


  • Shopping Network.


  • Video Network.


  • Discovery Network.


Let’s get to know each of these a little better and find out how they work…

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Search Network

This text-based advertising channel distributes your ads across Google’s search engine, maps, shopping and play store, as well as on partnering search engine result pages. It helps businesses share essential details about their products and services to consumers who need them.

With 81% of consumers going online to search for a product before buying, an optimised search ad can lead to 91% click-through rates (CTR) and $8 returns for each $1 spent.

Organisations in the retail and product sales industry see the highest searches on this network, indicating an opportunity for higher conversion.

Display Network

Here you can advertise your product and/or service in a combination of image and text.

Ads on the display network are distributed across 2 million+ sites and apps with a 35% CTR. This is an excellent channel for all businesses and organisations hoping to retarget new and existing customers as they surf through the net.

The display network enables businesses to reach 90% of online consumers. Companies that optimise their ads to meet the interest of their ideal customer convert 70% of viewers who don’t buy their product at first glance through retargeting.

Generally, non-profit organisations and charities, as well as retail and the dining and nightlife industries, see higher CTR on the display channel.

Shopping Network

Shopping Ads help retailers and manufacturers drive more sales to their businesses by offering all the key information a potential consumer would need at first glance.

These ads contain the image and name of your product, the price, a reviews & rating count, and brand name. It is also shown across Google’s search result page, partner websites, and other digital products.

With this advertising network, you can witness 85.3% click-through rates on your local and online inventory.

The industries which enjoy high click-through rates on the shopping network are food and groceries, automotive, retail, and leisure.

Video Network

This video-based ad channel allows businesses and organisations worldwide to engage and connect with new and existing customers.

Ads on this network appear on YouTube and across millions of websites and apps under Google’s partner programme.

With this ad channel, you can immerse your target audience, educate them, and address their concerns, while achieving a conversion rate (CVR) that’s 34% higher, and 49% business growth!

The high-performance rate of the video network boils down to the fact that 68% of consumers prefer video ads to text. Also, YouTube has over 2 billion active monthly users.  It’s not surprising then that 70% of consumers end up purchasing a product they’ve watched.

Though this channel is suitable for all businesses and organisations, tech and finance industries currently dominate the market.

App Ad

App ad is an image, text, and video-based channel that help app owners to secure new customers. This ad channel displays your ads across the play store, search engines, and YouTube to people interested in what you’re offering.

You don’t need to do much to get your ad running on this network. Google draws most of your app’s information from your play store listing and uses them alongside its vast pool of tools and customer insights to develop multiple ads. These ads exist in various formats (video, image, etc.) and are distributed across Google’s digital products.

Over time, App ads can generate over  33.7% conversion for your app business. This method of advertising is best suited for developers who aim to make more sales through in-app purchases.

On this channel, apps from the business and gaming industries see the highest click-through rates and conversions.

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