How to Use Display and Video Ads as part of your goal to achieve Brand Awareness & Reach 

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Display and video adverts are the most used forms of Google Ads for small businesses and charities. When done right, they can generate a substantial amount of brand awareness as well as overall potential leads for your organisation. Let’s break these two campaign types down a little:

Display Ads

The quintessential adverts for Google, display ads are banners that appear on other websites. They come in a variety of different sizes and dimensions. Display ads are capable of appearing on over 2 million of the highest-traffic websites. This immense scope means that display ads can reach an astounding total of 90% of all Internet users globally. 

The three types of display adverts available for small businesses are responsive adverts, uploaded image adverts, and Gmail adverts. These different formats offer a greater selection for businesses and allow them to choose a suitable strategy based on their needs. 

A notable benefit of choosing display adverts over video adverts is that they are far easier to make than a video ad, which requires more specialised equipment and expertise. Moreover, display adverts can often be cheaper to run than video adverts. 

Video Ads

Video adverts are a little different from display ads. Instead of a static banner, video advert campaigns are available in multiple formats and are a highly effective way of directly engaging with your target market. Video adverts can appear across many platforms, although they are predominantly synonymous with YouTube adverts. 

There are many forms of video adverts. These include:  


  • Skippable and non-skippable in-stream adverts.


  • Video discovery adverts.


  • Bumper adverts.


  • Out-stream adverts.


  • Masthead adverts.


The most suitable option for driving brand awareness is usually a non-skippable, in-stream advert, as this requires the viewer to watch the advert to proceed with the stream. Non-skippable, in-stream adverts are also effective in that users have to view the advert for a minimum of five seconds before they can skip it. However, there is no guarantee that a viewer will necessarily look at a display advert. 

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Using Display and Video Ads to Generate Reach

Display and video adverts are both effective and highly efficient ways to promote your business. They are affordable marketing solutions, and can help your campaign achieve all the below for your business: 


  • Drive sales.


  • Generate leads.


  • Increase website traffic.


  • Drive greater brand awareness and reach.


  • Garner greater attention for products.


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