How to Use Google Ads to Generate Leads

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We live in a digital world, where a large percentage of everything is done online. So, it only makes sense that business owners use online tools to promote their businesses.

From advertising their goods and services to sourcing for donors, businesses and non-profit organisations are now focusing on driving traffic to their brand websites to increase sales. This process is called Lead Generation.

What Exactly is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of getting new potential customers for your business or organisation. Generally, as a digital marketer, you should have various lead-generation strategies designed to attract high-quality leads.

Lead generation doesn’t just benefit businesses. If you’re the owner of a non-profit, having a great lead generation strategy in place will help you target top-quality prospects that can convert into donors. So basically, more leads means having a lot of prospects for your business or charity organisation.

Increasing leads implies increasing your brand awareness and generating more interest in your products or services. And if you run a charity, it means nurturing intending prospects into your community service pipeline.

If done properly, lead generation strategies will create the link you need with people who’ll be willing to invest in your business or become long term donors of your non-profit organisation.

However, generating top-quality leads will take effort. If you’re willing to put that effort in, you’re sure to overcome the lead generation challenges and meet your customers/donors where they are.

So, whether you want to increase awareness of your small business (that you hope will grow); or you’re involved in (or starting up) a charity, and don’t know how to begin sourcing for donations -you’re on the right path.

So how do I generate leads? – you ask. Through creating awareness with Google Ads.

Why Google Ads?

Using Google Ads is one of the best steps you can take to grow your small business or charity by generating leads. And this is no exaggeration.

Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads is an advertising service that allows businesses to display adverts on Google search results online. Developed by Google, Google Ads allows you to bid to display brief advertisements promoting your business or organisation. You can choose to display your ads both in the results of search engines, like Google Search, as well as on non-search websites, mobile apps, and YouTube videos.

Google handles about 3.5 billion searches a day. So, if used the right way, Google Ads can get more visibility for your business, brand or charity by putting them in more people’s search results. It can help you achieve massive leads; boost sales for your business or raise donor awareness for your non-profit.

So that said, let’s talk about how you can use Google Ads to generate high-quality leads that will bring in profits.

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Creating a Lead Generation Campaign

A lead generation campaign is an online advertising campaign that is dedicated to generating relevant and high-quality leads. So, if you have a small business or a charity that you intend to create awareness about, you need great lead generation campaigns to garner opportunities.

First things first: your campaign should drive traffic to your landing page, which is a relevant page that’s designed to get contact information from visitors.

Below are some lead generation strategies that can attract qualified leads that will in turn become prospective consumers or donors:

  • Search: These are text ads that appear on relevant Google search results. Google has expanded its advertising programme, so ads under this campaign are now referred to as Google Search Ads.


  • Display: Display ads are image ads that appear on Gmail, YouTube and various websites.


  • Video: These are video ads that pop up in-stream on YouTube.


  • Smart: These are simple automated ads that you can put on Google and all across the web.


  • Discovery: These are ads that run across Google’s feeds when users open them.


With the right amount of effort, Google Ads can generate an impressive stream of revenue for small businesses and charities alike. But you need to put in the work and keep fine-tuning your campaigns based on results. It’s a bit of a ride, with lots of ups and downs. But if you’re motivated and enjoy a challenge, success is only a matter of time.

In the blogs following this one, we’ll focus in more detail on how to create a successful lead campaign using Google Ads. Keep reading and enjoy the ride!

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