What’s an indented sitelink and how can I benefit from it?

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An indented sitelink or result displays a group of similar pages from the same domain on a SERP. These grouped pages share the same primary keyword but seem to satisfy different intents.

In this example, you’ll see that two Moz pages appear for the primary search term SEO. One is a guide that gives in-depth information about SEO. The second is a blog that talks about SEO best practices.

As stats show, indented sitelinks appear in 40% of all searches. This is a big plus for any business, as your website stands the chance of gaining more visibility, organic traffic, and rank growth. However, this feature is automated.

Google says that it groups and serves these pages to its searchers only when it deems them useful. But drawing from examples like Moz above, this has much to do with mixed intent keywords.

What are mixed intent keywords?

“Mixed intent keywords” are search terms that have multiple intentions. For example, the keyword “SEO tools” is a mixed intent keyword because a searcher can use it to look for:


  • SEO tools (products like SEMrush).


  • A round-up review of the best for diverse budgets.


  • Or a guide about SEO tools and more.

So, how do you benefit from indented results?

Step 1: Pick a keyword with mixed intent

Just as with the example above, you should use your SEO tool to find mixed intent keywords. Then build relevant topics around them, starting from the dominant topic.

Step 2: Optimise the pages correctly

There’s no ‘on button’ to get your topics indented, but there are a few things you could do to better the chances of it happening:


  • Your page title, meta description, and headings should be informative, concise, and relevant to the search term.


  • Optimise your site structure to make it easy and logical for users and bots to understand.


  • Use inner linking to link these related pages (remember to keep the linking relevant to the searcher).


  • Don’t repeat content or words to avoid a backlash. Remember, they need to be “relevant.”


Indented sitelink is a new feature from Google’s 2021 update. It can help better your chances when you’re working to rank high on competitive keywords.

Adding this to FAQ inclusion and other SEO strategies can bring you significant SEO growth. But don’t abuse it! Doing so can lead to severe backlash from canonical issues, keyword cannibalism, duplicate pages, and more.

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