What’s the link between organic search and SEO?

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Appearing high on an organic search. It’s what we all want. And this is why people optimise (SEO) their pages, videos, and images, in order to meet the requirements of a search engine.

So, what’s an organic search?

An ‘organic search’ or an ‘organic search result’ is the list of images, videos, and web pages that appear when you search for a particular term on a search engine.

For example, “how to stylishly lace your shoe.”

These are not paid (promoted/advertised) search results. They’re information recommended to you by the algorithm solely based on several search intent signals.

So, naturally, the first page to appear on your search result page (SERP) is viewed to be more relevant to your needs by the algorithm.

Websites that want to rank higher on the SERP must comply with SEO requirements, which primarily include the quality of the content.

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Are there benefits to an organic search?

Yes, there are huge benefits! Here are some of them:

1. Higher clicks and ranking

Because your content is relevant to the individual doing the searching, the algorithm considers your page valuable for the search term. This promotes your page position in result ranking, visibility, and clicks.

2. Longer position retention

As you improve your website and web pages to meet new SEO metrics, other competing sites do the same. So, your content optimisation and quality efforts will be key in maintaining your ranking and growth.

As such, more people will see your web page, click on it, and spend time on it, informing the algorithm that your website is relevant to their search. This, in turn, will retain or improve your website position on the SERP.

3. Better brand perception

When people see your webpage on their search results for the first time, they don’t know what’s really on the other side. So, they take a chance on you.

Having quality and reader-friendly content ready for them immediately builds trust and positive brand perception.

So, next time when they see your webpage on their SERP, they know what to expect from you.

4. Low cost

You don’t have to pay search engines to secure a place on a user’s SERP for a particular term. Neither do you need to hire an ad agency to create ads for your page. In some cases, you don’t have to pay for anything.

However, you must work on your website structure, page structure, content quality, and backlinking. Depending on your technical skills, creative skills, and time, you could do these yourself using free or paid tools and strategies.

However, suppose you choose to pay skilled professionals for the different stages of your website SEO. In that case, it still can’t be compared to the amount you’ll end up paying to optimise your content and site and run those ads.


Now you know how much organic search can benefit your website, you’ll want to know more about how to optimise (SEO)! Check out our other blogs here for tips and guidance.

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