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Growing a social business account that encourages healthy conversations between users and your brand deepens their relationship with you. This, in turn, builds brand loyalty, recommendations, and higher sales. Here are a few ways to nudge your audience to chat with you.

Highlight current events

Ever woken up to a shocking event and visited social media to find out more? What do you do when you see people conversing about it under a particular user’s posts? You join the discussion, right? Your audience does the same.

You can always find creative ways to engage them on the latest events. Below is an example from the #IAMCANADIAN movement.

Try an ‘ask me anything’ session

Ask me anything sessions are exciting ways to understand your audience’s feelings, confusion, and concerns. It’s a window into their minds and into yours. These let your participants know you respect them and care enough to utilise a more personal communication medium.

There are many ways to hold these sessions on social media. You can do it through your stories feed, through live sessions, or via a private chat session. You can even mix these options up.

Also, once you’ve completed a session, try to share a summary update on your main feed to give others an idea of what they’ve missed.

Encourage user-generated content

Did you know that consumers spend an average of 5.4 hours daily on user-generated content? So when you ask your audience to share pictures of how they rocked your newest clothing line, you’ve just given them the window they need to show the world how they feel about your products.

Needless to say, this is gold for your business. It boosts followers’ conversations (about you), increases your brand awareness, and convinces those that are doubtful, or new to buying your product, to buy into your brand.

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Respond to comments and messages

People want to be valued, heard, and cared for. So ignoring their comments or messages tells them one thing: that you don’t care about them. And if that’s the case, then why should they continue to message, comment, or reshare anything from you?

Not responding to comments or messages will create a disconnect between you and your followers. It will also remove your brand from their top recommendation list to family and friends. As stats suggest, 71% of online consumers will recommend a brand to others if they have had a positive experience with them on social media.

To prevent this from happening, you will need someone to monitor and maintain your social media accounts all the time. Try to get a dedicated social media manager to sell your business through the comments and messages of your consumers. Or get a marketing manager to spend some time responding to comments. This will certainly promote engagement and help to promote your brand.

We hope that was helpful. For more useful tips on how best to maintain an optimum relationship with your target audience across major social media platforms, check out our other blogs.

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