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As a brand or professional, before you start posting on your Facebook page, you should ask yourself some important questions:

Who is my market audience?

How well do I know them?

Answering these questions before creating your first post or ad on the platform, can save you time and other losses.

First, build a customer profile

A customer profile lets you know the basic things to look for in any potential consumer. It allows you to properly target visitors who are most likely to buy into your brand and become customers/supporters/followers (what we call ‘convert’) on the platform.

To build the right customer profile, ask yourself the following questions:

i. Who are you selling to? (Moms, single parents, teens, dads, college students, etc.)

ii. What’s their age, gender, and location?

iii. What’s their income level?

Second, make use of Facebook audience insights

You’ll find this tool in the Facebook Ad Manager account.

It allows you to learn more about your ideal consumers by taking several data points from self-reported information and those accumulated from third-party partners. With this, you can expand your audience pool, learn what kind of content they respond to most, target them with your posts/ads, and more.

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Third, research your fan base

Suppose you already have some followers. In that case, you can gain deeper insight into your consumers’ minds by visiting their profiles to get to know them better. This helps you answer the following questions:


i. What interests them?

ii. What has them worried?

iii. What do they desire most ardently?

iv. And how can you help/offer them what they want?

This information about your consumers’ greatest motivations should influence your posts and ads.

Fourth, raise engaging questions

With time, your followers will grow. But for this to happen you’ll need towork at increasing your number of engagements, loyalty, and conversion. And to do this it’s necessary to periodically ask your consumers how they feel about your brand and services, or even start a conversation about random or related events. You can use the methods below:


i. Polls

ii. Survey ads and posts

And remember, regularly checking in with your consumers to understand them, is a must! This will help you adjust your brand (and social media activity) to fit their needs, and is a great way to improve brand perception, loyalty, and awareness.

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