How to grow your online business traffic using social media

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Social media isn’t just a channel to grow your business awareness and recognition. It can also drive traffic to your website, offline store, selected landing pages, and more. Here are five quick tips on how to make that happen.

1. Create an engaging profile

Before you start looking for a way to draw traffic to your website, you should ensure your social profile is engaging.

Do your followers often like, comment, save, and reshare your content?

Does your social profile align with the rest of your brand image?

These are questions you should answer first. Because having a social media account that connects deeply with your followers determines the number of people who would like to visit your desired destination.

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2. Post your cross-channel links

The second step is to share links to the pages you want your audience to visit.

It could be a link to your blog posts, news releases, surveys, landing pages, or product pages. Just make sure that you highlight what makes the post a great read for them. Here’s a good example from Virtual Astro.

3. Add a link to your profile

When visitors land on your social media profile page, the first few things they see are the brand name, brief bio/intro, location, and URL. You can use the URL for multiple purposes:

i. As a link to your website.


ii. As a link to a link tree.


iii. As a link to priority pages (landing pages, surveys, new product lines etc.) that you want your audience to visit at a specific time or for the duration of a specific campaign, season or offer.

4. Give ‘em exclusive offline offers

If you want your customers to visit your offline store, you’ll need to give them incentives to encourage them to head on over there instead of ordering online. How about offering offline promotions, or discounts on their next offline purchase?

Periodic posts on your profile and automatic response messages in the DMs are good ways to share offers like this with your audience.

5. Add social share buttons

Another way to draw traffic from social media to your website/webpages is to attach social share buttons to relevant pages.

Most website traffic comes from a search engine result page like Google’s. So, most of your page visitors don’t actually follow you on social media.

Attaching a social media button to your pages and nudging readers to reshare if they find the page/blog/news item interesting, is a great way to expose your brand to more people.

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    • With 1 in 3 online users using social media to discover new products or learn about existing ones. It is a vehicle for brand and product awareness that’s now more of a necessity than a choice. Here’s how to get started.

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