Social media retargeting campaign | What is it? And how does it work?

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There are over 4.62 billion people on social media. Do you know what this means? It means, there’s a high chance that most of your page visitors own at least one social media account.

Social media retargeting allows you to revisit these people with your ads while they’re on their favourite social media platform. The ads they see depend on the product page they visited on your website, as well as how they behaved while they were on that page.

How does retargeting work?

There are two types of retargeting practices. Both work differently.

1. Pixel Retargeting

Here you install a small bit of code on your website or website pages called pixels. This code is given to you by the social media channel you want to run the retargeting ad on. Facebook and Twitter are good examples.

After a successful installation, when someone visits your site, a small tracking code is installed on their browser to help identify them when they visit the social platform.

Once they do, the social media platform offers the ad you’ve set. Usually, these would be similar products with higher or lower prices to entice your visitors to return to your page and make a purchase.

2. List retargeting

This one requires you to already have the contact details of the potential consumers you want to target, often their email addresses. All you do is head to the social platform you want to run the retargeting ad on, choose list targeting, and upload the list.

The platform will scan its database for account holders with the provided emails and display your ads to them. It’s like remarketing in a way, as you’ll find out in our blog: “Are retargeting and remarketing the same?”

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Is it worth it?


Stat shows that up to 97% of your website visitors don’t return after their first visit. So, why not use retargeting to convince them to revisit and this time, take action?

As another stat suggests, you can encourage up to 70% of your retargeted visitors to head back to your product page and convert.

This is because 37% of retargeted consumers are easily drawn to the familiar ad. Whereas another 28% get the boost they need to revisit, and 21% get genuinely curious to know more about the products listed.

Now that you know what a retargeting campaign is and how it could benefit your business, you might want to find out how you can grow your online traffic using social media Here.

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