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Product and Brand Consideration is an ad goal under Google Ads that promotes your business or product via video, on YouTube and Google’s partner sites. It allows you to connect your brand or new product with your ideal audience.

Why is product and brand consideration important?

Let’s say you launched a business app that helps entrepreneurs organise their projects, create and receive invoices, and schedule meetings. Awesome! Who wouldn’t want an app like that to make their lives easier? But if no one knows about it, chances are, your brilliant product will remain in your warehouse or device for a long time.

Google’s Product and Brand Consideration is an opportunity to draw people’s attention to your brand or product. When you opt-in, Google will ask you to include an engaging video (or videos) that provide potential customers with all the basic details you feel will convince your audience to buy into your app. It’s basically an ad (lasting a few seconds or minutes) detailing what your product is, what it does, and how that can positively change their life. Google will then distribute your ad to your target audience on YouTube and across the websites and apps of its millions of business partners.

With YouTube alone seeing over 2.3 billion active users monthly and 90% of online consumers stating they discover new brands and products via the channel, investing in Google’s Product and Brand Consideration campaign is worthwhile, to say the least.

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Who gains the most from Google’s Product and Brand Consideration goal?

Newly launched businesses, organisations seeking new audiences, and companies with new products to market can benefit from this goal.

How can my business benefit from this?

To take advantage of this campaign goal, you need to have a Google Ads account. Here’s a step by step of what you’ll need to do next:


  • On your account menu, click on campaigns.


  • Tap the plus button and click create a new campaign.


  • On your new campaign page, select product and brand consideration as your goal.


  • Under campaign type, select video.


  • Select the campaign subtype that works the most for you (i.e. influence consideration, ad sequence, and shopping).


  • Click continue to complete your set-up and launch your ad.


And there you have it. And remember, your video is like an elevator pitch. You have a few seconds to really make an impact; grab the interest of your audience and have them wanting to know more about your product or brand. Make those few seconds really count!

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