How do Google Ads improve my business’s overall performance?

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Google Ads does more than just help you get paid traffic for your ad campaigns online. It can actually boost your performance across multiple aspects of your digital activity. Here’s how:

Google Ads can boost Organic ranking

When running a Google Ad, the platform prioritises your advertised post on the search result page.

As such, your brand gets seen more by searchers. And if the post is linked to your website, it means more people may end up visiting your site too.

This unique opportunity helps you make a strong impression on your visitors. And if it’s a good experience, 93% of these consumers are likely to prefer your brand over the competition when organically searching for other solutions on the internet.

Google Ads can boost Social Media presence

It’s human instinct. When people hear about your brand for the first time, and it piques their interest, they’re likely to stalk your social media accounts to learn more about you.

Stats reveal that 77% of consumers find out more about a product or brand on social media. 89% of these consumers are more likely to become loyalists if your brand values align with theirs.

This means that by using Google Ads to create more awareness for your brand, you stand a higher chance of getting more followers and engagement when these consumers find your brand on their favoured social media platforms.

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Google Ads can boost Email deliverability

It could happen to anyone: your emails might not reach receivers if their mail provider grades your domain below 90. And it doesn’t even matter that you’re a big, known brand.

‘But why?’, you ask. There are several reasons. Here are some of them:

1. Low open rates
2. Users reporting your account as spam
3. Your IP address history
4. Your subject lines
5. Spam words in your email and many other reasons.


There is a way to help prevent and/or remedy this. Using AdWords to get email leads means two things:

  • The consumers you’re reaching out to via email have already heard about you.


  • Consumers who’ve already had a good experience with you want to hear from you.

So, if you play your cards right from the start (what we call an overall positive customer experience) and then deliver a clickable email, your consumers will be thrilled to open your emails every time they see one in their inbox.

In return, this will boost your open rates and reputation. So, there’ll be a higher chance of your emails entering consumer inboxes instead of falling prey to spam filters.

And that’s how Google Ads can help you reach your target audience and customers on other digital platforms.

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    Frequently asked questions

    • Brand awareness is crucial for your business because people who know and recognise your business are much more likely to engage with it. With Google Ads, you can set up your advertising campaign to achieve a specific goal. Here’s how.

    • The simple answer is ‘NO’. Google Ads cannot directly influence the position of your website on an organic search. If it did, it would become a pay-to-win engine. But it’s still effective, find out more here.

    • Currently, there are 5 major sales ad channels that your business could benefit from. Click here to read more.

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