How to generate leads through manual CPC bidding strategy

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Manual cost per click (CPC) is a fully manual ad campaign strategy. Here, you have complete control over your ad performance, cost per click, how much you bid on individual keywords, and everything in between.



How does it work?


Set the max value you like to pay for each consumer who clicks through your website or registration form. And Google will run your ad, only deducting your set amount each time someone clicks your ad.

In this bidding strategy, google doesn’t help you optimize your ad to maximise performance. You handle that yourself. You also determine which keywords to bid more on and what ad copy to change.

This makes manual CPC the best ad metric for businesses new to advertising with time on their hands and experts looking for more control.

Organizations and advertisers looking to run a leads ad can exploit this strategy to realise their campaign goal.

How to use Manual CPC

  • On your ad campaign page, select your preferred goal
  • Select your preferred network
  • Scroll down to bidding strategy, click on select bid strategy
  • Click on select a bid strategy directly
  • On the drop-down menu, select Manual CPC


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Things to be mindful of when using manual CPC

Select keywords with a precise intent

Your keywords determine when your ad appears on your selected campaign network. As such, you should ensure that the keywords you use tie directly with your lead goals or brand services. Not doing this can lead to considerable financial losses.


More attention is needed

This isn’t a metric you set and leave. You need to monitor your ad performance often to know when to change your ad copy, keywords or increase or reduce your bid amount on specific keywords.

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    Frequently asked questions

    • To increase sales in your business, you must closely monitor individual keyword performance, as well as aligning keyword selection with your campaign goal – find detailed steps here.

    • When using Enhanced CPC for more click-throughs in lead campaigns, you must watch out for bid adjustments by the algorithm, among other factors. Learn more on how to ensure that your current Cost Per Clicks justifiy the obtained click-throughs.

    • Manual CPC helps your business control ad costs by letting you set the value for each click, allowing flexibility in bid adjustments. Learn more about this strategy and how to optimize keyword performance.

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