Google local campaign | What is it? How does it work?

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Google local campaign is a service from Google that helps local businesses, service providers, and charities gain massive awareness (promotion) and conversion (visits or calls).

This service gives your potential customers the necessary information they need about your business just when they are likely to convert.


Let’s say a consumer living in Farringdon is looking for an electronics store, so they go on Google to search “electronic stores in Farringdon.” If your local campaign is running, Google will include your ad among the results, providing the searcher with your brand’s name, location, direction, contact details, and other necessary information.


This makes it easy for the potential customer to call and verify the availability of a product or stop by during the day when you’re open for business.

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How does a local campaign increase visibility and visits?

Your ad on the local campaign appears across Google Search, Display, YouTube, and even Maps. With 92.47% of all online searches conducted on Google, its digital products reach over 3 billion online users worldwide.

That alone gives your business a lot of visibility when you run an ad campaign on Google. But that aside, Google also uses the “maximize conversion value” strategy on local campaign ads.

This bidding strategy allows Google to optimise your ads to bring the most visits and calls possible on your budget to your establishment.

As such, 80% of local searches convert (consumers end up asking Google for direction, calls your firm, or visits your store).

How can I use this campaign for my business?

To start using Google local campaign, ensure you have your Google My Business or affiliate locations set up. Also, ensure you have a Google AdSense account. Then create a new campaign.

  • On the campaign page, select  local store visits and promotion
  • Under campaign type, choose  local.
  • Choose your business listing  (Google my business or your affiliated locations)
  • Under this section, select the locations you want to target (if you have multiple locations listed under your business)
  • Set your budget
  • The bidding strategy is set to maximise conversion value by default
  • Under this section, choose the area of focus for your conversion optimisation  (calls, direction, visits, or all of them)
  • Click on the manage your conversion value and set the amount you want to pay for each conversion.
  • Then include your ad copy  (titles, descriptions, images, videos, and call to action)  and lunch.


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    Frequently asked questions

    • Maximize Conversion automatically adjusts bids based on lead performance, ensuring optimal results for your budget. To delve deeper into this strategy, click here for more insights.

    • To maximize sales with your budget, simply select your sales goal and budget, and let Google’s Maximize Conversion strategy use its tools to drive the highest returns. We’ve provided a breakdown here.

    • Target Impression Share is a smart bidding strategy that boosts ad views for brand awareness; learn how to implement it here.

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