How can a video ad campaign boost product and brand consideration?

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86% of people prefer videos over other forms of content delivery. This is likely because videos give them a real-world view of the subject.

It adds more depth and details that written or audio-only content can’t provide. As such, people tend to remember 95% of the message passed through a video than text.

With Google’s video ad campaign, startups, small businesses, and charities gain the avenue to build the right brand and product image in the minds of their target audience. As such, 64% of online consumers tend to purchase after watching a well-tailored branded video.

How does it work?

Video ad campaign gives you the ears and focus of your ideal audience by distributing your brand or product video across YouTube homepage, videos, channel pages, search results, and millions of partners sites and apps.

Under video and brand consideration, Google gives you two major subtypes to fit your video intent and bring the most performance. These subtypes include:

  • Influence consideration
  • Ad sequence


Influence consideration

This subtype is focused on stealing your potential consumer’s attention for a moment to share captivating details about your product or brand through skippable ads. It’s one of the best subtypes to explore when meeting your audience for the first time.

As a newly launched brand or product, you might want to get as much awareness and clicks as possible out of your ad. To ensure this, influence consideration uses cost per view (CPV) bidding strategy. This compels Google’s algorithm to drive the most views and interaction possible on your chosen CPV.

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Ad sequence

Ad sequence is for businesses with multiple creative assets (videos) to share. This subtype allows you to engage viewers with different video ad formats — skippable, non-skippable, and bumper ads— making it a great option to connect with your target audience all through their consumer journey.

Under this subtype, you can choose what bidding strategy brings the most value to your conversion goals. Businesses and advertisers can choose either the maximise cost per view (CPM) or target cost per thousand viewable impressions (CPM)

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How does a local campaign increase visibility and visits?

Your ad on the local campaign appears across Google Search, Display, YouTube, and even Maps. With 92.47% of all online searches conducted on Google, its digital products reach over 3 billion online users worldwide.

That alone gives your business a lot of visibility when you run an ad campaign on Google. But that aside, Google also uses the “maximize conversion value” strategy on local campaign ads.

This bidding strategy allows Google to optimise your ads to bring the most visits and calls possible on your budget to your establishment.

As such, 80% of local searches convert (consumers end up asking Google for direction, calls your firm, or visits your store).

How can I use this campaign for my business?

To start using Google local campaign, ensure you have your Google My Business or affiliate locations set up. Also, ensure you have a Google AdSense account. Then create a new campaign.

  • On the campaign page, select  local store visits and promotion
  • Under campaign type, choose  local.
  • Choose your business listing  (Google my business or your affiliated locations)
  • Under this section, select the locations you want to target (if you have multiple locations listed under your business)
  • Set your budget
  • The bidding strategy is set to maximise conversion value by default
  • Under this section, choose the area of focus for your conversion optimisation  (calls, direction, visits, or all of them)
  • Click on the manage your conversion value and set the amount you want to pay for each conversion.
  • Then include your ad copy  (titles, descriptions, images, videos, and call to action)  and lunch.


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    Frequently asked questions

    • Google’s Product and Brand Consideration ad goal uses engaging videos on platforms like YouTube to promote your business or product, connecting with your audience. Click here to learn more.

    • Video ads are the most used forms of Google Ads for small businesses and charities. When done right, they can generate a substantial amount of brand awareness. Here are some tips to help you out.

    • Viewable CPM (vCPM) helps your business gain more leads on video and display networks by allowing you to set a cost for every 1000 impressions, optimizing for maximum views. Click here to learn more.

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