How can maximize clicks help my business generate leads?

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Maximize clicks is an automated bidding strategy that drives the most ad clicks on any given budget. Here, you set your preferred budget, cost per click (CPC), and Google does its best to bring the most clicks on your ads call-to-action as possible.

Your CPC limit tells google not to bid on keywords that cost more than the amount you have specified.


Let’s say you set your CPC as $2.00 on a $100 daily budget. Google will use its machine learning and vast data signals to determine cheaper keywords to push your ads on to secure the most leads.

Any business looking to improve brand awareness and list building (leads) significantly can benefit from this ad strategy.

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Things to be mindful of using maximize clicks


Your CPC limits

Always set your CPC limit to prevent google from bidding (running your ad) on costlier keyword terms. While at it, ensure you set a reasonable CPC to realize the best traffic on your ad.


Your ad performance

In maximize clicks, google ads is focused on only exhausting your daily budget and getting you as many clicks as your budget allows. As such, it doesn’t pay attention to the clicks and leads quality. Observe your ad performance daily to determine if the results are worth your cost or if you need to change strategy.

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    Frequently asked questions

    • Maximize clicks is an automated bidding strategy that helps businesses drive the most click-throughs on their ads call-to-action while spending their daily budget. Click here to explore strategies for boosting your sales.

    • Maximize Conversion automatically adjusts bids based on lead performance, ensuring optimal results for your budget. To delve deeper into this strategy, click here for more insights.

    • Target Impression Share optimizes your ad to appear a specified percentage of the time people search your keywords, generating leads and enhancing visibility. Click here to learn more.

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