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Without the right landing page, all the effort you make in generating visitors is wasted. So, it’s essential that you take the time to focus on getting this right.

Below are some simple but effective ideas to help you.

This is not a blueprint on what a perfect charity landing page looks like, but they will help you better engage – and hopefully – convert your visitors.

1. Strong Headlines

Your headline is the first thing your visitors will see so you want to grab their attention and generate interest. The headline should immediately make people understand the purpose of the landing page.

Your sub-headings should also stand out and grab people’s attention to make them read on.

You need a strong image which is also relevant and appropriate.

2. Clear & Concise Copy

Your main body text should be kept simple and you should have your audience in mind at all times. Avoid using too much jargon and keep the language human.

Don’t overcomplicate things by using too much text. Remove all unnecessary copy and focus on key messages such as giving people reason to donate by telling them how your donation can help.

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3. Videos & Imagery

Powerful videos and images can keep people hooked and engaged.

A picture really does speak a thousand words. No one wants to read long paragraphs of text, but people respond positively to the right visuals.

4. Case Studies & Testimonials

Use case studies and testimonials from beneficiaries to evoke emotion and build a connection with your audience.

The purpose is to engage and motivate people to donate, and by gaining their trust through real stories, this will give them a reason to engage.

5. Call to Actions

Your Call-to-Action buttons should be appealing and invite people to interact and take action.

Include a variation of call to actions throughout the page such as buttons for suggested donation amounts as well as generic ‘donate’ buttons. Use contrasting colours to make them stand out.

Insert hyperlinks to other areas of the website to keep visitors on the site longer to browse more content.

Have the perfect landing page now? Find out how to optimise your donation page in 5 steps here.

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