Going digital? Here’s 6 things to think about

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Making the commitment as an organisation that you need to go digital is the hard part. The rest is a series of simple steps which you won’t scale overnight.

The key thing is to remain consistent and not to give up at the first hurdle.

Here are 6 simple things to focus on:

1. Be specific

When you’re fundraising online, most people won’t know you or your work or what you stand for, so you need to be specific about these things. Ask yourself, why should people be interested and how should they support you?

2. Be authentic

Building a loyal supporter base takes time. You do this by providing regular and relevant information through blogs and videos (for example) which highlight the impact of your work and the difference your charity is making in the lives of the people you are supporting.

3. Be clear and simple

When creating a landing page, prioritise simplicity over convoluted designs and slick graphics which will only slow your site down. Ensure your message and the appeals are clear and concise. Get in touch to see the guide we’ve created on how to create a great landing page.

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4. Optimise your visitor’s experience

Provide the right information in the right place. Minimise the number of menu items, remove clutter, reduce text, and the number of fonts and sizes. Your website needs to make sense to people who aren’t going to give you the attention you would like, at least not to begin with.

5. Make it easy to give

The best charities make it easy for people to donate. The less steps the better is the golden rule to minimise drop-offs. Have clear price handles, consistent drop downs menu options and prepopulated donation boxes wherever possible.

Much of the above may be new and confusing, but the right digital partner should not have any trouble with this. On that note:

6. Choose a digital partner to grow with

Getting started might be easy, but let’s face it, there is a lot of competition out there. And the biggest challenge is to learn to maintain what works and change what doesn’t. This is where working with a digital agency comes in handy.

At Adshare, we provide budget-friendly packages for small and medium-sized charities to help increase their online presence and expand their donor database. We can start small charities on the right track for as little as £300 per month. Find out more here.

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