How to Develop a Video Strategy

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Developing a strategy for video is key for a successful marketing campaign. It helps you understand video techniques, your target audience, brand objectives, and digital platforms for content sharing. In this blog, we’ve outlined vital tips to get you started.

The plan should outline how to use video content effectively to convey a clear message through compelling storytelling. Here are some key points to consider.


Brand and Identity

For effective video content, it’s crucial that you maintain a consistent visual brand identity across all platforms. Your brand’s visual identity is just as, if not more, important than your brand identity. For instance, when I say Apple, Wendy’s or Burger King, your mind will automatically pull-up a grey bitten apple, red pigtails and flame-broiled hamburgers. That’s the power of having a visual brand identity. When people see your logo, or even your colours, they immediately make an association in their head. Here are some key points to enhance branding in your videos:


Ensure uniformity in brand identity across all videos: This includes text, voice-overs, screen positioning, and end screens. Establishing consistency in the first set will simplify the process of creating new videos in the future.

Use clear statements or phrases and an umbrella motto across all videos: This helps to build a brand identity and message to audiences i.e., Islamic Relief use Saving lives since 1984 and we are there.

Emphasise universal human principles: This can help audiences who embrace either Islamic faith roots or wider charity backgrounds support your videos.


Video Content

High-quality videos go a long way in establishing your brand’s legitimacy and presence. Once you’ve created a visual brand identity, you can curate your videos to match your brand’s look and feel, to help send a cohesive message across all of your channels. Here are some practical tips to guide you:


Ensure tone balance in charity videos: Many charity videos adopt a 50/50 approach, beginning with impactful stories and facts before transitioning to a lighter tone halfway through, incorporating music, narration, and visual shots.

Engage Viewers Through Empathy: Charity videos that put viewers in the sufferer’s shoes and show the hard-hitting realities of those in need, along with audience differences – reinforce clear messages and create a connection between the audience and the cause. Using inclusive language, such as ‘we,’ strengthens this connection.

Avoid Stereotyping and Empower Voices: Using images and words that stereotype people in poverty can simplify problems too much and make a separation between ‘us and them.’ Allowing people to tell their own stories in their own words, without reducing them to short lines or phrases, helps avoid this issue.

Highlight Key Elements in the Video: Emphasise the problem, propose the solutions, and then highlight the tangible impact your organisation is achieving. A compelling call to action, coupled with these key elements, motivates viewers to see themselves as contributors to positive change through their donations.

Showcasing Campaign and Project Impact: Incorporate visuals of the hard work invested in delivering your campaigns and projects on the ground. This not only demonstrates the impact of your efforts but also helps with providing transparency regarding the allocation of funds.

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Connected Videos and Stories

Creating connected stories that build on successful campaigns and use various video lengths enhances your video performance. Diversifying your video formats and lengths caters to different audience preferences and boosts engagement across various platforms and channels.

For stronger connections with your audience, we advise you to primarily focus on one person or story in each video. Interconnected videos can then delve deeper into their story or showcase similar narratives, providing a more engaging experience.


Video Principles from YouTube

It is estimated that 20% of people who start watching a video will leave after the first 10 seconds, so YouTube recommends following the 5 key principles below, to help you make the most of your video campaigns:

  1. Attract: Capture audience interest from the beginning.
  2. Brand: Integrate your brand seamlessly and meaningfully.
  3. Connect: Engage viewers emotionally through storytelling.
  4. Direct: Clearly communicate your desired action.
  5. Test/Measure: Evaluate and learn from your video performance.


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