What is a Funnel Page and how can I create one?

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If your organisation is wading into the world of digital fundraising, you’ll want your website to be up to scratch. After all, this is your digital shop face and the place your supporters will donate through. So, it’s absolutely vital that your user journey and donation journey are up to scratch. And this is where your Funnel Page comes in. Here we’ll explain what a Funnel Page is and how to create one.

A Funnel Page is a landing page that does many things:

• It presents a compelling case for the necessity of your work with clear calls to action for donations/support.
• It also functions as the parent page for your services/projects/appeals.
• And it showcases said services/projects/appeals with a straightforward journey to READ MORE and DONATE.

To pull off all of the above, your Funnel Page needs to have excellent content, a watertight layout, and a number of key features. Here they are in order of how they should appear:


Your Hero Section

Think of your hero section as your first and only shot at grabbing the attention of your audience. This is where your donation pitch goes, and don’t feel shy about getting straight to the point. You need to make this space count. Because if visitors don’t feel compelled to scroll, you’ll lose them.

The contents of this top panel should include:
• A Hero Shot – the image that speaks louder than words. Or even better, a video. (Do make sure these are not so big that a viewer needs to scroll to see any call to action.)
• A compelling headline.
• An intro paragraph.
• Calls to action (CTA) to donate in DONATE button. (This could be optional if you have an always-on quick donate bar on top which follows the visitor.)


Your Projects Showcase

Below the hero section, you’ll need to showcase your projects/appeals/key services which you want your donors to contribute to.

These will be displayed as thumbnail images with intro blurbs, which double as donation handles.

Through a READ MORE button, they will link to inside pages that correspond to each project, which offer more info.

Through a DONATE button, they will allow visitors to donate via your main donation page, which hopefully should display a pre-populated drop-down selection system with the specific project displayed.

That said, if you haven’t already got inside pages for each of the projects you want your donors to support, you’ll need to create them. Here’s what they will need to include in a nutshell:

• A high-level description of the service and why it’s necessary, possibly with problem stats (this shouldn’t be more than 500 words.)
• An image/video or both.
• Impact stats (if you have, of the difference you’ve made so far.)
• A clear CTA.
• A DONATION button.

For more on how to create a good landing page, check out our article ‘How to create the perfect landing page’ here.

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Your Impact

This panel should be dedicated to your impact and can feature impact stats, a video or an impact story/case study from beneficiaries of your work.

Your Further Info

This panel will feature additional details about your work, how you do it, and the great need for it. It must include CTAs and a DONATE button. Here are some supplementary details you can include here to strengthen your Ask:

• Hadiths highlighting the merits of giving/giving to a cause relevant to your work.
• Info about the social issues your work tackles.
• Statement to say the project is Zakat eligible – ONLY if this is applicable.
• Statement to say the project is a form of Sadaqah Jariyah – ONLY if this is applicable.
• Statement to say project is work is Fidya/Kaffarah eligible – ONLY if this is applicable.


We hope this article was helpful in demonstrating the importance of having a Funnel Page and how you can create one. Remember, for your digital fundraising success, it is vital that your website is performing as it should, and getting the Funnel Page right is key. So, if you haven’t got the capacity, do reach out to the digital experts.

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