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After Ramadan, Dhul-Hijjah is the second biggest annual campaign for Muslim organisations. While many charities offer Qurbani services, even those that don’t should take advantage of this time to broaden their digital reach.

The Qurbani period is not as ‘profitable’ as Ramadan, which can generate upwards of 50% of a charity’s annual income. But smart Muslim charities can use this campaign to generate new donors who will eventually add value to their overall returns in subsequent months and years.

So even if you don’t run a Qurbani service, you can, and should, still leverage this period to engage with your audiences. Here are a few ways:


Emphasise the Spirit of Sacrifice:

Qurbani epitomises the spirit of sacrifice, reflecting the willingness to give up and give back and help those in need.

You can align your digital campaigns with the spirit of sacrifice by emphasising the importance of charitable giving, especially if you have projects that you’ll be pushing at this time.

You can also utilise your social media platforms, email newsletters, and website content to convey the impact of donations to date, inspiring supporters to contribute.


Offer Educational Content:

Islamic educational resources are very popular and a good way to give back to your supporters.

Resources should be about the significance of Qurbani and the month of Dhul-Hijjah. They could include articles, videos, and infographics explaining the historical context, religious rulings, and spiritual dimensions of the sacrifice and Hajj.

By offering valuable insights into Islamic traditions, you’ll be establishing your charity/organisation as a trusted source of information. In this way, you’ll also be fostering deeper connections with your audience.

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Engage with Donors and Supporters:

Regardless of whether or not your organisation provides Qurbani services, you don’t want to be irrelevant at this time. That means your content and communication with donors should reflect what’s on their radar:

• Dhul-Hijjah
• Qurbani
• Hajj
• Eid ul-Adha

Cultivate a sense of community and belonging among donors and supporters by actively engaging with them on digital channels about the profound spiritual significance of the Hajj season.

And even if you’re not asking for donations, you should acknowledge their previous contributions expressing gratitude. You might even highlight that their support makes it possible for you to offer the educational content you create. This will foster stronger relationships and encourage continued engagement.


Qurbani presents an opportunity for Muslim charities and organisations to expand their digital reach and strengthen their relationship with supporters. So, to recap what we’ve covered, you’ll want to:

• Embrace the essence of sacrifice,
• Leveraging educational content/resources,
• Nurture your relationship with your supporters.

And remember, in the digital age, the potential for charitable outreach knows no bounds. By capitalizing on this opportunity, you can build a more meaningful relationship with your donors even if you aren’t facilitating their Qurbani.

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