What should you focus on after key giving periods?

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The key question we always get asked by charities is what should they focus on after key giving periods have ended.

We’ve kept it simple and listed below the 3 things you should focus your energy and post-campaign comms on after a key giving period:

1. Donor Feedback

This is a great opportunity to share with your donors the impact of their donations. It is a way for you to show appreciation and make your donors feel valued.

2. Wider Content Engagement

Interesting blogs & articles will help keep your audiences engaged and keep the traffic flowing to your website. As it doesn’t make sense to appeal for donations straight after Ramadan, the wider content will help build a donor pipeline for your next big campaign.

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3. Performance Review & Analysis

You already have an idea on how well your last campaign performed but you should spend this time to analyse your website statistics, campaign results and donor data to identify trends and plan how you can improve to ultimately achieve better results.

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