A Tick-list for Reader-friendly Copy that will Improve the Performance of your Landing Page

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Your target audience doesn’t have the mental stamina or time to read a page of content that takes aeons to get to the point. If you haven’t by the third line, they will click away. People today are inundated with information from too many sources. They don’t have time for information that won’t benefit them.

To engage with your audience, your copy needs to be concise, to the point and uncomplicated.

Short vs. Simple.

We often stress the importance of keeping copy short, but the truth is that a long-form post can be just as enticing as a shorter read if written and presented well. (Don’t believe us? We’ve got the stats: according to Hubspot, articles between 2,250 and 2,500 words get the most traffic, whereas articles over 2,500 words get the most shares!)

So, what’s more important than length is copy that is reader-friendly. Opting for a simple style of writing is always more inviting and palatable for your audience. Remember, people have a natural bias towards simplicity (studies have proved this).

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Reader-friendly copy tick-list.

Here are some key tips from our expert copywriters to help you fine-tune your writing when producing copy that’s reader-friendly:

  • Choose simple, everyday words that your audience is familiar with – you want to speak to your audience, not at them.


  • Generally, you should stick to short sentences. But also vary your sentence lengths to establish a rhythm. This way, there’s less chance of your reader getting bored.


  • Avoid passive voice and wordiness.


  • Use breaks in copy like images, section breaks with headers and bullet lists that allow ‘white space’. This also makes copy ‘skimmable’ which is how most people read online – by allowing their eyes to skim over their screens.


  • Use short paragraphs with one idea or main point each. Even individual sentences can make up a paragraph. This also helps important information stand out.

Writing quality, confident and concise copy is a talent; a skill to be honed. If you’ve got the time and talent for it, practice will lead to perfection. If you don’t, then try to contract a professional copywriter who will help your brand stand out from the rest.

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