3 Reasons Why You need Quality Content and Copywriting to Build Brand Awareness and Reach

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Copy matters. Even more so now that people don’t have time to read. Here are three reasons why.

Videos might have become the most popular choice for content consumption today. But there will never be a world where you won’t need copy. The two main reasons for this are:

1. You need copy for search engines to pick up your website.

2. You need copy for people who are ready to buy in, but only after they’ve been convinced by the text on your page.

Let’s break this down:

You need copy for people

So, you need copy. But for people, you need high quality copy that:


  • Inspires confidence.


  • Builds brand identity.


  • Resonates with your audience.


  • Educates and engages.


  • Converts visitors into supporters to your cause.


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You need copy for Google

Think all of the above is a tall order? Not even close. Because for your landing page to gain visibility on search engines, your copy needs to be:


  • SEO optimised.


  • Sector specialised.


  • Geared towards improving ranking and visibility.


So, let’s suppose you’ve got yourself an expert copy writer who is able to deliver all of the above, based on your SEO strategy. Wonderful. But it’s not over yet.

You need regular copy and content

You’ll also need to produce copy and content on a regular basis, such as blogs or news pieces. This is necessary for three VITAL reasons:
1. To show that you’re ahead of the game.

2. To organically boost your search ranking and online footprint.

3. To give back to your supporters/customer base.


In a nutshell, regular content will keep your existing audience engaged and help you reach new people.

We hope this blog has changed your opinion about copy and convinced you of how important it is for the growth of your business/company. To get a better idea of what successful copy should look like and can achieve, check out our other blogs. They’re packed with useful tips and industry secrets from our expert copywriters.

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