How to Optimise your Donation Page in 5 Steps

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Getting your online donation page right is a critical part of every charity’s fundraising strategy. Enabling people to give online can be as simple as having the ability to collect payments on your website. But there is science behind an effective donation journey. Here are some simple things to think about.

1. Think Mobile

Your entire website should be mobile friendly but at the very least, ensure the donation page is optimised and compatible across all mobile devices.

2. Keep it focussed

The hard part is getting visitors to this page. Now minimise distractions. Keep imagery and non-related text to an absolute minimum.

Simple techniques such as hiding the navigation menu, removing social media icons and any unnecessary links can work well.

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3. Suggest Donation Amounts

Possibly 3 or 4 suggested amounts, from as little as £10, up to £250, along with the option to enter a custom amount.

Help people understand what each amount can fund: £10 to provide a food pack or £50 for a winter pack for example.

4. Offer Mutiple Methods

Provide multiple payment options like debit/credit card, PayPal and even Google Pay and Amazon Pay.

The vast majority of donations are paid through debit or credit card so default the selection to one of these which will be one less field for the visitor to populate.

5. Enable Recurring Donations

Include an option for people to set-up monthly recurring donations.

In the long-term, this gives your charity much needed stability.

Other things to think about:

  • Keep imagery to a minimum on this page. Any more than a single image can be a distraction from the main objective which is to get visitors to complete the donation as quickly as possible.


  • Use the fewest fields possible at checkout. Just keep the absolute necessary such as first & last name, country, address, city, postcode, email and maybe mobile number.


  • For credibility, include certifications like Fundraising Regulator or Trustpilot badges as well as charity registration number and contact details visible in prominent position.


  • Prompt Gift Aid opt-in and upsell if your payment gateway allows, to encourage donors to donate a little extra before they pay.

Remember, easy to find donation buttons/links and clear call to actions throughout the website are key. If your payment gateway isn’t sophisticated enough to incorporate the above, then get in touch so we can point you in the right direction.

Finally, if your payment gateway isn’t sophisticated enough to incorporate the above, then get in touch. We do provide Payment Gateway (to registered charities) that can provide these features.

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