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Smarter targeting for Muslim organisations, with automated digital marketing campaigns. Personalised for you. Powered by our proprietary software.

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Connect with the audience that clicks best with you. Our AdShare platform is powered by decades of human experience from Muslim companies and shoppers, paired with advanced AI technologies and targeting strategies.

People powered. AI operated.

As AI technologies reshape the digital landscape, we help you stay both competitive and culturally relevant.

Our proprietary software enables 24-hour continuous tracking and optimisation, to reach your most relevant audience at the lowest cost. It’s why we’re the go-to agency for organisations that want to connect with Muslims online.
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Stay ahead. Stay relevant.

We provide a route-map for success without compromising your religious identity.

We are a Muslim marketing agency that works with organisations offering products and services that align with the Muslim faith. And by actively avoiding those that don’t, we’ve gained Barakah in connecting clients to millions of customers with similar values.
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Learn digital marketing. Get ahead.

You don’t have to work with us to take advantage.

Our Knowledge Hub is a free resource of articles, easy-to-understand marketing guides and best practices to help you start digital marketing and grow.
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Frequently asked Questions

  • Slowly. Small steps are safest, with lots of reviewing and analysis along the way. It can be tempting to plunge into the deep end, but this is a scenario where big budgets can really hurt you. You’ll want to lay the groundwork and do necessary testing before you start spending. This is what we’re here for.

    We’ll build the right profiles, make sure your landing pages are effective and your marketing assets are doing the best possible job before we start spending your money. In short, we’ll help you build an effective digital fundraising infrastructure that is sustainable, scalable, and high-impact. It’s what we’ve done organisations like yours for the last 15 years.


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  • At the risk of making this decision even more difficult, there’s more to consider than SEO and PPC. What about email, social media, and influencer marketing? Each of these channels has its own merits. But each needs a robust infrastructure behind it. One that’s based on clear messages and user journeys geared around the customer type you are targeting.

    Budgets, resources, and ambitions are all factors that will influence your approach. What works for our customers is our method of step-by-step testing each stage of the processes to ensure they’re ready to scale. It’s intelligence based and delivers results at the most cost-effective level. We treat our customer’s business like our own. Which is why they keep their business with us.


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  • Effective marketing copy should be clear, concise, and to the point. You’ll want to get your key message out first to grab your audience’s attention. You may be tempted to build suspense with flowery language as you lead up to your ‘sell.’ Don’t!

    When we write copy for our customers, we know they have just one shot with their audience. That’s why we pull out all the stops to make it count. We research their product, their competitors, and their audience to find the right voice, tone and pitch. We get our professionals to create Direct Response copy that grabs attention. We consider other forms of content like images, designs, and videos to create impact. We even work closely with our UX experts to ensure optimum page layout. There is a lot to consider when writing effective copy. We can help you get it right.


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Muslim Market Stats

Muslims contribute over £31 billion to the UK economy every year.
Globally, there are over £1.3 trillion of Islamic finance investments.
Over £9.3 billion is spent each year on the halal lifestyle industry.
The UK Muslim spending power exceeds £20.5 billion.

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